Senior Professor Johanssons Calender


Our head instructor

Senior Professor Ingmar Johansson works as a sport consultant and is the head instructor at KENPO Self-defence Studio in Norrköping.  This Kenpo school is Scandinavia’s biggest school. Senior Professor Johansson is the first student outside the USA to obtain Grandmaster Richard “Huk” Planas “The Patch”, which signifies that one dominates and knows the system to Grandmaster Planas’ personal satisfaction. One is also automatically considered a first generation black belt and student under his guidance. Senior Professor Johansson travels the world all year round teaching Kenpo. He has a full schedule and below you can see his current whereabouts and available dates for seminars at your school and private training. Professor Johansson speaks fluid Swedish, English and Spanish. If you’d like to read more about him Click here !!

Senior Professor Ingmar Johanssons Calender 2021/2022

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7 – 17 October holidays in Barcelona, Spain

22 -24 October open and availible

28 October – 8 November travelling to Chile training/teaching and also assisting Sifu Richard Planas with interpretation on his seminars in Santiago, Chile.


1 – 8 November travelling to Chile training/teaching and also assisting Sifu Richard Planas with interpretation on his seminars in Santiago, Chile.

11 -15 November open and availible

19 – 21 November Giovanni Policastro from Italy comes for private classes.

22 – 28 November Lydia Hewener and Thomas Pelizaeus from Germany comes to learn the kids program and private classes.


3 -5 December travelling to Flers en escrebieux, France and my student Christophe Derome’s school for seminars and private classes.

10 -12 December Mattias Bodin from Kenpo Jönköping comes for private classes

17 – 19 December travelling to Dusseldorf, Germany to teach and train with my student Sascha Berning.

January 2022

5 – 12 of January travelling to Los Angeles to train weapons with Sifu Marty Zaninovich

17 -21 January Sifu Planas comes for private classes with Senior Professor Ingmar Johansson


travelling to Yekaterinburg, Russia to teach my student Oleg Sargin and teach seminars in different schools and cities.


travelling to Caracas, Venezuela to teach seminars and privately my students Jose Aponte and Victor Chaustre .

Huk Planas European Tour 2022_MB15760

Here below you can see when Grandmaster Richard “Huk” Planas is travelling to Europe

Mr Planas visits us several times a year and the dates under 2022 you can find here below. Most dates are almost taken but, there are a few spots availible if you are interested. The cost are divided between the countries that are hosting him. If you are interested please contact SMA Planas representative in Europe Senior Professor Ingmar Johansson

Dates and hosts:hukpatch



13:th of January – 17:th of January, Johnny Hansen, Denmark E-mail
17:th of January – 21:st of January, Ingmar Johansson, Sweden E-mail  
21:st of January – 24:th of January, Christian Junge,  Germany E-mail


27:th of May – 31:th of May, Manuel Ferreira, Lisbon Portugal E-mail
31:st of May – 6:th of June, Viking Camp, Ingmar Johansson, Sweden E-mail


22:nd of September – 26:th of September, Open and available
26:th of September – 30:th of September, Sascha Berning Germany, E-mail
30:th of September – 3:rd of October, Instructor Camp, Ingmar Johansson Norrköping, Sweden E-mail


24:th – 28:th of November, Christian Junge, Saarbrucken, Germany E-mail
28:th November – 2:nd of December, Ingmar Johansson , Sweden E-mail  
2:nd of December – 5:th of December, Sergio Jodar, Madrid, Spain E-mail