Where knowledge and standard matter

Who are we?

The Road Warrior Lineage is a non-profit Kenpo organization that offers education and guidance in a professional and dedicated manner. We provide support, technical help, and great leadership. We offer seminars where the how’s and why’s are presented. Knowledge is not heavy, but the responsibility to perpetuate and promote the art is welcome. You cannot buy a rank from us. No shortcuts and no giveaways, just training, hard work, sweat and the reward when you earn it.

The Road Warrior Lineage’s motto is that knowledge and standards matter. Our goal is to offer and provide you with top qualified instructors that will lead you to Kenpo at its highest standard. Our Instructors and Students operates within the guidance and teachings from Senior Grandmaster Ed Parker´s right hand man who considered Senior Master of the Art Richard “Huk” Planas as his “Teacher of Teachers” who was part of the team responsible for implementing the latest and most up-to-date Kenpo curriculum. The education you’ll receive will assist you in becoming a qualified Kenpo instructor as long as you put the time and the effort into it.


Our Senior Instructor Mr. Richard “Huk” Planas operated his Kenpo schools in New Orleans, Dragon West and Dragon East up and through the early 90´s. He then started to travel the seminar circuit, where he became a notable ”road warrior”. He’s coined the phrase ”Road Warrior Kenpo” which he still uses to date. Mr. Planas continually travels throughout the world teaching Kenpo and is considered by the masses to be the most knowledgeable and undisputed source in the art of Ed Parker´s Kenpo. Many refer to him as “the teacher of teachers” a title and legacy that he has earned over the years. It is our commitment to continue to share his teachings of Kenpo as he has instructed us. Through his continued guidance, adding his high level of information and instruction, we have become qualified instructors traveling and teaching throughout Europe, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Central and South America and many other areas under the Parker/Planas Lineage. SMA Richard Planas´ teachings and his mentoring, has positioned us to be a value and be of service to many others on their Kenpo journey.

SMA Planas has endorsed and promotes the usage of the name “Road Warriors Lineage” with several of his Senior Instructors having joined in his dedicated effort to travel and share the art of Ed Parker’s Kenpo Karate throughout the world on a regular basis.

Educational Journey

Our commitment is to continually make available a variety of educational experiences for all levels of practitioners to choose from throughout the year. These opportunities range from private lessons with many of our qualified instructors, including our Senior Instructors, variety of several seminars and camps locally and International: Sweden, Germany, Chile, USA, others. This includes our annual Viking Camp held in Sweden, which we host and has been celebrated for more than 20 years. We highly recommend everyone attend and embrace these events to attain a deeper understanding of the Kenpo System and the various educational experiences it offers. Our goal through these events is to introduce and offer training with our lineage Instructors and a variety of special guests to ultimately heighten and compliment your Martial Arts Educational Journey.

Our Senior Instructors are also expected to continually further their own studies, lessons and attend seminars. We also make available a yearly Instructors Camp in Sweden with SMA Richard Planas.

It is our belief that through on-going participation, review & research, coupled with many new prospectives in our studies, it is imperative to collectively attain the highest level of education available for our entire group, Instructors and Students.

Fees vs Investment?

There are no dues or memberships fees in our organization. Rather what we do suggest, is that you wisely invest in your education within our certified and qualified; Group Classes, Private Instruction, Seminars, Workshops and Camps, to mention a few educational opportunities… As your journey continues, you’ll arrive at various levels of Belt Gradings. Upon achieving the next ranking, you will receive a signed certificate from our Senior Instructors which is certifying your new rank elevation in the Road Warrior Lineage. Our Pledge is to continually strive and maintain the highest level of Professionalism and Integrity for our entire group. It is our believe to assist individuals in becoming a better person than they were the day before.

Quality Driven Instructors…

We are dedicated and fully committed to educate qualified instructors to attain a University or higher level of knowledge that will demonstrate the intellectual in addition to the physical abilities and application of the Art. This is accomplished with an understanding of the how’s and why’s from our Ed Parker’s Kenpo Karate Curriculum as it was originally designed by SGM Ed Parker. A qualified Instructor has the ability to not only perform, but also has the knowledge and skills to communicate the art in detail by utilizing the rules and principles of motion from the System. Our Senior Instructors continually seek to further their education which they refine and develop their abilities on all levels. This type of dedication benefits all, ultimately the path of knowledge is endless.

The Patch

”The Patch” is one of the highest honors achieved in the Parker/Planas Lineage. The earned privilege of this coveted Patch, according to SMA Richard “Huk” Planas, is exclusively assigned by him to the individual who can satisfactorily perform and understand the Ed Parker Kenpo System.

SMA Planas who designed ”The Patch” in the early ’90´s, then awarded “The Patch” to his qualified students in the Parker/Planas lineage. This lineage consists of a group of like-minded Instructors and Students who’s desire is to study, explore, perform and ultimately develop an in-depth working understanding of the Ed Parker’s Kenpo System. ”The Patch” in appearance, has evolved slightly throughout the years. But, most importantly the Integrity, Spirit, Honor and Disciple to achieve this prestigious recognition has not. ”The Patch” is currently the highest awarded level of achievement to be earned in the Parker/Planas lineage since its’ inception. To date, there are 18 individuals, worldwide in the Parker/Planas lineage that have earned ”The Patch”.

The Road Warrior Lineage patch

This represents the next generation of dedicated students and qualified instructors from the Parker/Planas lineage who continue to promote and study the Ed Parker Kenpo System. Our group has embraced and committed themselves to this endeavour in pursuit of attaining the highest levels of education; physical application and a knowledgeable understanding of the Kenpo System. The patch colours; white, brown, black & red represent the 4 original and traditional belt colours. The gold signifies the highest level of excellence in the Kenpo System. The Worldwide Road Warrior Lineage has a rich history of and for the pursuit of knowledge through continued education and sharing with others, to-date information.

The Seniors in the lineage

Senior Master of the Art (SMA) Richard “Huk” Planas

SMA Richard Planas is the man that stood by SGM Ed Parker from 1969. He was the vice president the last 10 years of the IKKA until SGM Ed Parker died in December 1990. SMA Richard Planas is considered “the teacher of the teachers”. He travels the world all year around and is seen as the most knowledgeable in the art today. SMA Richard Planas runs his own group under the name of Parker/Planas Lineage and we are all part of his group. The head teachers in the Road Warrior Lineage are all first-generation black belts of Sifu Planas and they have all earned the “The Patch”. This is the highest reward beside the rank that you can be assigned with. This states that the student understands and can perform the art to Sifu Planas’ personal satisfaction. SMA Richard Planas, along with Sibok Tom Kelly and SGM Ed Parker, designed the Kenpo system as we know it today. He was also part of the development of the original manuals.

Master of the Art (MA) Marty Zaninovich

9th Degree in Kenpo and certified Instructor in the Filipino Martial Arts, Jun Fan Gung Fu/JKD and Silat

Sifu Zaninovich’s passion for the arts lies in each systems depth and possibility for continual learning, transference of knowledge and daily training. But moreover, he shares his passion with others by leading them and instructing the Kenpo System in a spirited, energized way while blending in cutting-edge Filipino and other Arts to enhance the mind-body-and-spirit experience. The focus is always on supporting the development of the student’s whole-being, whether instructing privately or in a group. Noted for his intensity and technical skills by fellow top-level instructors, Sifu Zaninovich has provided instruction and mentoring for over 40 years to a variety of Martial Artists including: law enforcement personnel, University students/athletes, and business professionals, as well as children and adolescents. Marty’s martial arts beginning was in the exploration of wrestling and Judo at the age of 13, but his passion for and commitment to the arts ignited in 1973 when he enrolled in a small Kenpo Karate Dojo in Central California. Sifu Zaninovich has competed nationally and internationally; sponsored several prestigious tournaments and events, owned several Karate Schools in California, and established various clubs in Arizona. He also travels throughout the United States and Internationally to share the Arts. Today, he currently holds a 9th degree black belt in Ed Parker’s Kenpo Karate under SMA Richard “Huk” Planas, and is a Certified Instructor in the Filipino Martial Arts, Jun Fan Gung Fu/JKD and Silat, under Guro Dan Inosanto.

Senior Professor (SP) Max Bychkov

Max Bychkov began his Kenpo training after moving to US in the early ‘90. To satisfy his curiousity about martial arts, he trained in and with various arts and artists in the area. Always intrugued about the Kenpo system and the way it was laid out, on the recommendation of Mr Frank Trejo, he travelled extensively throughout the ‘90’s and 2000’s to obtain instruction directly from the foremost authority in the Art, Mr. Richard “Huk” Planas. As a result of years of hard work, he was awarded “The Patch” on January 19, 2008, establishing him as a direct first-generation student of Sifu Planas. Concurrently, the black belt ranks were directly awarded from Mr. Planas as well, the highest being the rank of Senior Professor, 7th degree, together with Ingmar Johansson in Sweden after teaching at his camp, on May 19th, 2018. He also had the honour of being one of the instructors at the Las Vegas Planas Kenpo Camp. Always seeking new insights into the Art, Max enjoys traveling to meet, train with, and teach new people all around the world. He conducts weekly classes locally as well, working with anyone interested in furthering their skill and knowledge in the Art of Kenpo Karate.

Senior Professor (SP) Ingmar Johansson

Mr. Ingmar Johansson was born in Chile, South America and moved to Sweden at the age of 3. He started his Martial Arts journey in the early 1980’s in the Boxing arena that took him to eventually training and becoming a member of the Swedish National Youth Boxing Team. Mr. Johansson had an on-going, burning desire to expand his base physically in the terms of adding the elements of kicking and punching. At this point Mr. Johansson started his searching and began his Kenpo Karate training in South America. Shortly after, he travelled consistently to the Jersey Islands in England. As his quest for knowledge grew, his travels broadened to the USA. While studying in the USA, he was introduced to Mr. Richard “Huk” Planas in the mid 90’s, whom at that time accepted him as a student in which he still studies with presently. Mr. Johansson’s diligent quest for knowledge includes over 15 years in the Inayan Eskrima and Modern Arnis system. Additionally, Mr. Johansson is furthering his studies for the past several years to the present with Mr. Marty Zaninovich who is a certified Instructor in the Inosanto Systems which include FMA, Silat, JKD.

In 1987 Mr. Johansson opened his first Martial Arts School which is still in operation today, a single location with over 350 students. He also teaches & supports several other Kenpo Karate Schools in 14 countries. Through his experiences, Mr. Johansson has also successfully competed in many Tournaments in the 90’s Nationally and Internationally.

Mr. Johansson has and continues to promote and teach the Art of Kenpo Karate through his National & International Travels including Seminars, Workshops, Private Lessons. In 1999 He started the International training camp The Viking Camp in Sweden, this highly attended function, annually attracts students worldwide for over 20 years. This event has developed and continues to be one of the most prestigious Camps in Europe.

Mr. Johansson is also the Founding member of the ”Road Warrior Lineage” established in 2010. This group has respectfully grown and continues to grow with many students and qualified Instructors, National and International. Currently, Mr. Johansson and his group, are consistently promoting several large and prominent events, Nationally and Internationally throughout the year. The biggest being in 2017 were he and Sifu Marty Zaninovich organized The Richard “Huk” Planas World Gathering Training Camp in Las Vegas, USA.

Mr. Ingmar Johansson presently holds the highly recognized and accomplished ranking of Senior Professor, a 7th Degree Black Belt under Senior Master of the Art Mr. Richard “Huk” Planas in the Parker/Planas Lineage. In 2008, he earned and received “The Patch” from SMA Planas, the first outside the USA to be awarded this honour.

Associate Professor (AP) Andrés Bugueño

Mr. Andrés Bugueño was born in Chile, began his journey in the martial arts in 1989 at the age of 12. His training began in Kyokushin Karate for 2 years then later continued his studies in Goju Ryu Karate for 7 years. During this period, he also studied & trained in two other systems; Tae Kwon Do and Kung-Fu to compliment his training goals at the time. Andres was also active and successful in Tournament competition throughout the 90’s.

His continued desire to expand his knowledge in the martial arts led him to take a deeper exploration into his training to discover and study the art of Ed Parker’s Kenpo system starting in 1998. Shortly after this introduction being thoroughly impressed by what a structured and detailed knowledge base it has, he immediately adopted Kenpo as his core art.

He started his Kenpo training under the instructor Fernando Ripton in 1998. Shortly there-after Andrés began his training in 2003 with Associate Professor Claudio Soto. In 2010 while attending a Kenpo Seminar, he met Senior Professor Ingmar Johansson, being impressed at the knowledge and skill shown at the kenpo seminar, he became a direct student of Sr. Professor Johansson and continues his studies with him to-date. It was in 2011 he was introduced to Senior Master of the Arts Richard ”Huk” Planas with whom he also began his studies to the present. He currently owns 2 schools and is responsible for several other schools within his group in Chile. Andres’ research for knowledge continues throughout the year, whether in Chile, Europe, or abroad attending seminars, group classes and taking as many private lessons as possible…….

In 2013, Andrés was promoted to 3rd Degree Black Belt, 2016 to 4th Degree Black Belt and November 2021 to 5th Degree Black Belt by SMA Planas and Sr. Professor Johansson in South America. In 2018, on the recommendation of Sr. Professor Ingmar Johansson, Andrés earned the prestigious and coveted “Planas Patch“ from SMA Richard “Huk“ Planas, which also entitles him to a first-generation status under SMA Richard Planas. He is one of the very few internationally to receive this coveted honour.

Mr. Bugueño is dedicated to promoting and teaching the kenpo system, through group classes, private lessons and seminars throughout South America, as well as in Germany, Sweden, USA, etc…. Andrés continued dedication and commitment to giving back to the community and his fellow man, his efforts are second to none and should be commended. Associate Professor Bugueño is one of the representatives along with Associate Professor Claudio Soto, representing Chile for the “Parker/Planas” and “Road Warrior” Lineages.

Senior Instructor (SI) Christian Junge

Born and raised in Saarbrucken Germany, Chris started his martial arts journey at the age of 8 at a local Judo club. After several years in Judo, he was inspired by a few famous martial arts movies. His desire was for an art that included kicking and punching. This led him towards traditional Karate and Kickboxing. In 1999, Chris participated in his first class in Ed Parker‘s Kenpo, he immediately felt that this was what he wanted. As a purple belt, his 1st Kenpo teacher moved to a different city.

This left him with two options:
#1. Take over the club, continuing his training and teaching
#2. Start a different journey in a different art.

He chose #1. Reason being, Chris’s commitment and passion are with the Kenpo System. Chris traveled extensively within Germany to study and attend seminars at this time. In addition, Mr Junge also competed nationally and internationally with much success. In 2004, he met Mr Sascha Berning from Düsseldorf who later became his Kenpo Instructor who introduced him to the Parker/Planas Lineage. Chris’s pursuit of education would eventually evolve his studies with SP Ingmar Johansson and SMA Richard “Huk“ Planas. Since his guidance of Kenpo began with Mr. Berning, Chris has spent and continues to spend countless hours on and off the mat studying and training. Working in Law Enforcement for 15 years, Chris has gained hands-on experience in “the street“ and real life altercations. As an instructor for specialized law enforcement units, his martial arts background and “real-life“ experiences have complemented Chris’s teachings and understanding of “Practical Applications in the Field“.

He was then introduced to the Filipino Martial Arts by a Law Enforcement associate, they trained and exchanged ideas. In 2012, he was promoted to 2nd degree Black Belt by SMA Richard “Huk“ Planas. Beginning in 2015, Mr. Junge became a direct student of SP Ingmar Johansson, consistenly training privately, group classes and seminars. During this same time, Mr. Junge has grown his Kenpo Club to be one of the largest in Germany.

In 2019, Chris started a Martial Arts Academy offering classes in Kenpo, FMA, Muay Thai and Women Self Defense. Blending these arts together as inspired by MA Marty Zaninovich from, Los Angeles, Ca. USA, whom Chris visits regularly in the US to further his studies. Mr. Junge was promoted to 3rd degree Black Belt in 2015, then promoted to 4th degree Black Belt in 2019. In 2022, on the reccomendation of SP Ingmar Johansson, Chris earned the prestigious and coveted “ Planas Patch“ from SMA Richard “Huk“ Planas. In addition, qualifying him for a first generation status in the “Parker/Planas Lineage“. Mr. Junge drive and dedication is very admirable and exceptional. Chris’s on-going commitment includes, travels Nationally & Internationally to share the arts and to seek & study as much Martial Arts and Cultural knowledge as possible.

Senior Instructor (SI) Mattias Bodin

Mattias Bodin, born and raised in Sweden on the small island of Gotland off the Swedish east coast. Mattias started his martial arts training at the age of 10 in Ju Shin Jutsu. Several years later, in 1998 he moved to the mainland and began his career studies at the University of Norrkoping in environmental science and applied ethics.

In 1999 he began his Kenpo journey when he first visited a Martial Arts Studio in Norrkoping. With his first look into this Martial Arts School, which happened to be Kenpo Karate that was being taught, was the start and his immediate passion for this art from the inception. Impressed by the quality of the other students, the studio, and the representation of the leadership displayed from Senior Professor Ingmar Johansson´s and his instructors, Mattias had found not only his calling but a place he could call home. In 2004 he became a qualified staff Instructor, teaching full time at this Kenpo studio and has established his role as contributing to the teachings and promotion of Kenpo.

It was during these formative years, Mattias’s well invested time, diligent research, and studies in learning the how´s and why´s of Kenpo through the teachings of Sr. Professor Ingmar Johansson and SMA Richard “Huk” Planas have proven to be very beneficial and rewarding. In 2010 Mattias had the opportunity to travel throughout Venezuela and teach Kenpo, in order to not only promote, but to establish and share a higher level of knowledge and understanding in the Art of Kenpo. This included four existing Kenpo schools in Venezuela for his teaching base. He’s travelled around the country, not only teaching classes but also through seminars, earned Mattias a heightened level of respect and creditability throughout the Venezuelan Kenpo community.

Mattias currently holds the rank of 4th degree black belt, which he earned in 2020. Mr. Bodin’s black belt rankings have been directly awarded by SMA Richard “Huk” Planas through the recommendation of Professor Johansson. Kenpo has been and continues to be his Martial Arts foundation. In-addition to continually further his Martial Arts studies, Mattias also cross-trains in various other systems and styles to improve his overall skills in the martial arts. Mr. Bodin continues his studies with Sr. Professor Johansson and SMA Planas.

Mattias also has earned educational rankings in Modern Arnis, Ju-Jitsu Kai and Inayan IS3. Mr. Bodin believes that style or system has all the answers for every question. He has implemented into his own training, and utilizes the information and knowledge learned from other arts to improve his Kenpo. But interesting enough, it is often the knowledge of his Kenpo allows for him a better understanding of the other arts.

Being in the security and personal protection sectors in Sweden and England, Mattias has valued his skillset in the management of these areas. It continues to be a great asset for himself and others resolving potential and or threatening situations with proper strategies. Mattias’s beliefs and understanding in a challenging situation is to resolve the matter prior escalation if at all possible, in order to insure the safety of all.

In 2022, Mr. Mattias Bodin earned the Prestigious and highest earned honour for his continued commitment to the art of Kenpo, by testing and receiving “The Patch” from SMA Richard “Huk” Planas upon the recommendation of Sr. Professor Ingmar Johansson in Sweden. This level of excellence has also earned him the status of “First Generation” student under SMA Planas.

Mattias currently resides in Jönköping, Sweden. He works as a project leader in various sectors and own’s his Kenpo studio. While teaching the art he is so passionate about and constantly continuing his own personal studies, Mr. Bodin is a representative of the Internationally recognized “Parker/Planas” and “Roadwarrior” lineages.

You can find us here

The lineage has grown slowly, as we are only interested in serious students and schools, that have a genuine desire to learn the art of Kenpo. At present, the lineage is represented in the following countries in alphabetical order:


Kenpo Karate Belgium
Instructor: Mr. Jérôme d´Harveng
Address: 70 Rue Saint-Martin, 1457 Walhain – Belgium
Telephone: +32-476963993
E-mail: jerome.dharveng@hotmail.com


Dojo Kenpo Karate La Ligua
Instructor: Mr. Andrés Bugueño
Address: Serrano # 520 Gimnasio Prolife, La Ligua – Chile
Telephone: +56-995195359
E-mail: kenpolineage@gmail.com
Website: www.dojokenpokarate.cl

Dojo Kenpo Karate La Ligua
Instructor: Mr. Alexis Baez
Address: Manuel Montt # 329 La Ligua – Chile
Telephone: +56-995195359
E-mail: kenpolineage@gmail.com
Website: www.dojokenpokarate.cl

Dojo Kenpo Karate Santiago Oriente
Instructor: Mr. Claudio Soto
Address: Gym Aeropolis, Avda. Pajaritos 2360 Maipú, Santiago – Chile
Telephone: +56-992111967
E-mail: csotou@gmail.com
Website: www.dojokenpokarate.cl

Dojo Kenpo Karate Quilicura
Instructor: Mr. Adolfo Garcia, Mr. Luis Maureira
Address: Presidente Ramon Barros Luco #0124, Quilicura, Santiago – Chile
Telephone: +56979064881, +5656972569573
E-mail: karatewin@hotmail.com
Website: www.dojokenpokarate.cl


DC Kenpo Studio
Instructor: Mr. David Castro
Address: DC Kenpo Studio ”Dual studio” Calle 37 # 24-23 – Barrio Bolivar, Bucaramanga – Colombia
Telephone: +57-3174499733
E-mail: kenpocolombia@gmail.com
Website: www.dojokenpokarate.cl


Dojo Ed Parker
Instructor: Mr. Frank Diaz la Torre
Address: Cede deportivo ponton calles Oquendo, municipio centro Habana – Cuba
Telephone: + 53-55117735
E-mail: frankkenpoarnis@nauta.cu


Otterup Kenpo Studio
Instructor: Mr. Johnny Hansen
Address: Bredgade 24, 5450 Otterup – Denmark
Telephone: +4540164485
E-mail: johnny@kenpo.dk
Website: www.kenpo.dk

Copenhagen Kenpo Studio
Instructor: Mr. Kim Dahl
Address: Copenhagen – Denmark
Telephone: +4528316524
E-mail: email@americankenpo.dk
Website: www.kenpo.dk/kbh


Leeds Kenpo Karate Club
Instructor: Mr. Peter Woods
Address: Eversley Park Centre, Sherburn in Elmet, LS25 6AZ – England
Telephone: +44-7702216745
E-mail: peterjohnwoods@email.com


American Kenpo Karate Flers En Escrebieux
Instructor: Mr. Christophe Derome
Address: Rue D´Auby, 59128 Flers En Escrebieux – France
Telephone: +33-699875697
E-mail: christophe.derome@wanadoo.fr


Kenpo Karate Dusseldorf / Meerbusch
Instructor: Mr. Sascha Berning
Address: Atis Club Grünstrasse 18, 40667 Meerbusch – Germany
Telephone: +49-1785447777
E-mail: sb@atis-club.de
Website: www.atis-club.de

AK8 Academy
Instructor: Mr. Christian Junge
Address: Taubfeld 8, 66121 Saarbrucken – Germany
Telephone: +49-17630540607
E-mail: info@ak-8.com
Website: www.akademie-8.de


Borganes Kenpo Self-defence Studio
Instructor: Mr. Mosés Josefsson
Address: Borgarnes – Iceland
Telephone: +3547705442
E-mail: kenpostudio@hotmail.com
Website: www.kenpostudio.net


Kenpo Karate Italy
Instructor: Mr. Giovanni Policastro
Address: Vie S. Stefano 8, 28060 Comignago (NO) – Italy
Telephone: +39-3402506953
E-mail: info@kirokenpo.it
Website: www.kirokenpo.it


Dojo Kenpo Self-defence Studio Hurdal
Instructor: Mr. Luis Gahona
Address: Haraasparet 6, 2090 Hurdal – Norway
Telephone: +4741807269
E-mail: coolloui@hotmail.com


Kenpo Self-defence Studio Ekaterinburg
Instructor: Mr. Oleg Sargin
Address: Ekaterinburg – Russia
Telephone: +7 9222180786
E-mail: ruskenpo@yahoo.com


Kenpo Self-defence Studio Norrköping
Instructor: Mr. Ingmar Johansson
Address: Tunnbindaregatan 8, 2 tr, 60221 Norrköping – Sweden
Telephone: +46705107371
E-mail: ingmar@kenpo.se
Website: www.kenpo.se

Kenpo Self-defence Studio Jönköping
Instructor: Mr. Mattias Bodin
Address: Hemstigen (invid Junebacksvallen), 553 38 Jönköping – Sweden
Telephone: +46764281470
E-mail: mattias.c.bodin@gmail.com
Website: www.kenpokaratestudio.com


Organizacion J.A. Kenpo
Instructor: Mr. José Aponte
Address: Av. Teheran Montalban, Velodrumo Teo Capriles instituto Nacional de Deporte, Redoma de la Vega, Caracas – Venezuela
Telephone: +58-4143322921 / +58-2124717054
E-mail: fvkenpo@gmail.com
Website: www.fvkenpo.cpm.ve

Club de Kenpo UCV
Instructor: Mr. Victor Chaustre
Address: Ciudad Universitaria de Caracas Los Chaguaramos UCV Caracas – Venezuela
Telephone: +58-2127149373
E-mail: vchaustre@gmail.com
Website: www.kenpoucv.com


Fusion Martial Arts Academy
Instructor: Mr. Max Bychkov
Address: Baltimore, MD 21048 – USA
Telephone: +1-443-255-9392
E-mail: arshaveli1@comcast.net

Z´s Kenpo +
Instructor: Mr. Marty Zaninovich
Address: Corona Del Mar, Ca 92625 USA
E-mail: marzan7@gmail.com